Meet Justin,
Our Newest Stone Curator

Get to know our new stone curator, Justin! He’s the face behind @stonesourcer and has been working in the stone industry for over a decade. He’ll be working mostly in the Boston metro area managing our new stone yard in Millis, MA, and hunting for unique reclaimed stone for our clients.

Justin, where did your passion for reclaimed stone come from?

Stone is an art form and its beauty can be interpreted and shaped in so many ways. I’m passionate about preserving and passing on the beauty of reclaimed stone, that’s been weathered by time and traffic. Each stone has a unique history, patina, texture, and color—it just can’t be replicated!

I build, fabricate, and split stone as well and love to learn hands-on how to work the stone like the masons did centuries ago. It’s rewarding to be a piece of the process—from the hunt and gather of reclaimed materials to seeing them go from plan to place where hopefully these materials will live on for lifetimes.

You’ve built quite a following on your Instagram @stonesourcer. Why do you think people are so interested in what you have to share?

I think it’s because I’m sharing what it’s like to go above and beyond the standard stone jobs—it’s really specialty stone sourcing and sharing our unique and extraordinary stone projects. The @stonesourcer account showcases the creative talents of local contractors, designers, and architects, who are incorporating natural stone into their projects in very cool ways. You can cut stone like wood and shape it into almost anything!

What's your favorite part of being a natural stone sourcer?

I love working with clients to help solve stone problems, what stone is best for the specific application they need. When they have a project they don’t quite know how to make work with stone, helping guide them in decisions to get a finished product that fits their vision is really rewarding. It’s all about collaborating to create something truly extraordinary.

Tell us about the new stone yard you’ll be managing.

Very soon, we’ll be opening up a new stone yard in my hometown Millis, MA. It’s going to be a tremendous asset! We’ll be able to provide more reach for our materials and service the big appetite for reclaimed stone in the metro Boston area and southern MA. We’ll also have more real estate which will enable us to purchase more reclaimed material as the opportunity arises, which will be great for clients to come and see the stone.

Logistically speaking, with the combination of the Salisbury yard and the new Millis yard, Stone Curators will have a reclaimed and specialty stone net cast from Maine to Rhode Island and Cape Cod. This also gives us the benefit of strategically placing materials based on the location of need and pick up. We can harvest locally and keep footprints down. Designers, builders, architects, and contractors are really going to be thrilled to see what we have to offer and select in the new yard. If it’s not obvious yet, we are really excited about it! It’s going to change the reclaimed landscape in the area.  

Anything else you want to share?

I think the team we have assembled and our collective knowledge and resources is going to make for an interesting and successful ride for years to come. I really look forward to collaborating and growing the brand with the Stone Curators’ team.

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