This curation is what we do. We put together possibilities for you based on design ideas you send our way. Maybe your design process is just starting, and you have some color preferences or specific uses that need to be part of the finished design. Wherever you are in the design process we can help. The collections below show some of our perennial favorites that highlight the beauty, versatility, and functionality of stone from around the world. Whatever your design calls for, we’re here for you and we can get stone to you. 



The very hard, climate-hearty limestone is available for everything from pool copings to cobblestones. It also makes fantastic veneers and monolithic stone products. Not all limestone reacts well to thermal treatments, but this one does, creating great surfaces for exterior applications where some slip resistance is required. It brightens up interiors, too. There’s not much that can’t be done with this stone. 



This is our home-grown New England stone. The colors are unique and it’s a classic whether sawn and flamed or used with its natural surfaces showing. Wonderful irregular flagstone installations, split wall stone, and dimensional pavers are featured uses. This is a WOW stone. Check out the photos, when you see them, you’ll know why we call it Mystic Mountain.



Who doesn’t like bluestone patios and pool decks. Its naturally gritty surface is skid resistant but that’s not all. We wanted a little more from our bluestone so we’ve put together some bluestone products that have unique colors, and if you’re going big, we have you covered. Our collection includes truly gigantic pieces of bluestone. Amaze your friends.



Yup, it’s a thing here, and for good reason; it feels like home. That elegant country look feels natural to the region and features classic New England fieldstone, locally sourced reclaimed granite products, reclaimed Boston Brick pavers and even boulders. Rustic installations highlight the stone’s weathered and worn surfaces to accentuate that New England vibe. Scale is no problem. If it can be moved, we can get it to you. Maybe you’re far from New England but miss the look and feel. We can help with that, wherever you are.



So, you have the woods but maybe you would like a stream or a pond or a stream and a pond, or some ledge to walk across, maybe a waterfall. There is no limit to what can be made from scratch or how existing features can be made more dramatic. From the simple placement of a boulder to large installations with cascading water, we’ve worked with architects and contractors to build it all. Finish with a nice New England Fieldstone wall to tie different design elements together. We do New England better.



If you live in a colder climate and you love limestone it’s essential to choose stone that will hold up to freezing and thawing. We’ve collected limestones from around the world that meet this requirement and are great looking as well. Our collection spans a wide range of colors and fabrication options are almost unlimited. Limestone adds a layer of elegance to any design.



The area around your pool is important to both function and design. You want to make sure your deck’s surface isn’t slick, your feet don’t burn on a hot day, and that it looks and feels great. There’s no rule book for pool deck design, we’ve seen stunning designs of all kinds. Whether it’s custom fabricated imported limestone or planks made from reclaimed curbstone, the options are yours. Architects continue to astound us with creative pool deck designs. Our collection highlights a few of our favorites.



Sometimes size says it all. Large installations can be dramatic when paved with large stones. Whether their shapes are irregular or dimensionally cut, the effect is unmistakably big. Surfaces can be sawn and applied or natural. The detail in each oversized stone is clear and displays its own palette of colors and complexity. If you need to go big, we have pavers to suit any design.

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