“Join me on a journey to find the perfect stone for your project—where passion comes together with our process. Where the stone evokes the beauty of your vision and design.”

— Gavin Johnston

Gavin in front of large blocks

Stone Curators was born out of the feeling that finding the right stone is an art—a skill, a talent—that combines the eye of a designer with the touch of a craftsman, along with an analytical approach.

We are stone guys. We love the hunt—discovering an abandoned stone building to disassemble and give a fresh start, finding an old quarry waiting to have its remnants repurposed, or uncovering beautiful stone from a hidden, unnoticed quarry in a distant land. We love this. It’s our passion—finding stone we can bring to life and to your project.

Whether you’re an architect, landscape designer, custom builder or property owner, we take great pride in working with your vision and finding the perfect stone.

Our process uses advanced online tools and extensive digital images, and starts with asking the right questions. Selecting the right or wrong stone completely changes the feeling of your home, your personal landscape, and how it fits in your natural setting. We are dedicated to ensuring the right stone is found, fabricated, and installed correctly.

Let me give an example how Greg describes his experience working with us. Over a period of five years, we have completed several projects for him: A custom reclaimed granite plank floor for his barn, a reclaimed granite pool coping and arbor, an oversized jumbo bluestone pool deck, and more:

Dear Gavin,

Thank you for all you have done to make our projects together so special and timeless—through collaboration to sourcing just the right stone, and marrying it to my barn and my land, so it feels it was there forever, and SOLID.

Through our discussions and meetings on site, and at quarries and using Stone Curators online resources, you always have cared to listen to the goals, and then come up with just the right pieces to make our vision and the finished project perfect.

Your passion to make it beautiful is felt daily, and I look forward to doing many more projects together at my home and elsewhere.

— Greg M., Metro New York

Reclaimed planks and cobblestone barn floor
Granite columns holding up pergola
Reclaimed garden posts
Reclaimed pool coping
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