CAD Resources for Architects

Our CAD resources help save you time and money. Most are SketchUp, Revit, and AutoCAD ready, and we provide DXF files for other CAD systems.

CAD Design Patterns

Our 3D designs can be used with no-fill or painted with stone texture swatches to visualize specific material selections. We create our design patterns using a puzzle-piece format that permits the patterns to be repeated in a seamless manner. Individual stone shapes are solids. You can explode the pattern to use the 3D stone shapes individually or you can use the entire pattern as a component. Our off-the-shelf 3D design patterns are provided at no cost. Custom 3D design patterns start at $200. If you purchase stone from us, we’re happy to refund this fee.


2D & 3D Solids


Designed for Seamless Tiling


.skp .dwg .dxf

CAD Material Texture Images

We provide high-quality photographic swatch images for most of our natural stone products. They are scaled to create realistic material textures, which in turn can be used for painting CAD objects. Many of our material texture images have been photoshopped to minimize seam effects when tiling over large surfaces. Custom material texture images start at $200. If you purchase stone from us, we’re happy to refund this fee.


High Resolution Images


Seamless Material Textures


Realistic Stone Rendering

Actual-Installation-1 Actual Installation Photo
CAD-Material-Texture-1 Material Texture Rendering

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3D/VR Photogrammetric Reconstructions

We employ advanced photogrammetric algorithms to create highly realistic 3D reconstructions of actual stone products. Use these to communicate stone options to your clients prior to having physical samples shipped. These models are built from hundreds of photographs that capture color detail, surface finish, texture roughness, and scale. They can be viewed online in 3D in a web browser or experienced in virtual reality using common VR headsets. You can import them into any design program capable of working with point cloud files.  Off-the-shelf 3D/VR photogrammetric reconstructions are provided at no cost. Custom reconstructions start at $300. If you purchase stone from us, we’re happy to refund this fee.

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The files provided are the copyrighted property of Stone Curators LLC. We ask that you include “Courtesy of Stone Curators” wherever they are displayed. You may use these files for your personal or work-related use. You may share these files and derivative products with work colleagues, contractors and customers. For other uses, please contact us to obtain permission. Please see our complete Terms of Use for more information.