Stone adds utility, beauty, and drama to your landscape from the simple, iconic New England fieldstone wall to historic streetscape fire tables and modern fabricated pool patios and copings. The uses are many and varied; patios, pathways, stone walls, wall capstones, standing stone and boulder accents, fire tables and fire pits, and seating. Stone is part of many natural landscapes and if it isn’t included in yours, we can help with that.

The Versatility of Reclaimed Stone Plank Pavers

Everything You Need to Know About Reclaimed Stone

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Patios and pathways are perhaps the most important element in a landscape plan. The patio design will most likely encompass the most area of the entire plan, thus having the most dramatic effect on the overall landscape—therefore its elements must be integrated carefully. From dimensionally cut stone with tight joints to irregular flagstone with natural surfaces, the choices are many and varied. Integral pathways lead to and from other design elements, guiding the eye through the journey.

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A stone wall, used as either a design element or a boundary marker helps unite and connect the eye to other landscape features. Capstones provide protection to a wall in colder climates and offer great seating surfaces in warmer weather. Larger stones are perfect for retaining walls. If you want the look of smaller retaining wall stones, check out our stone veneers.


There’s nothing quite like a unique large stone or boulder that creates a focal point in a landscape design. We’re partial to weathered stones reclaimed from old quarries, but don’t let that stop your creative process. Large stones can be cut to your specs from quarries around the world. The same is true for boulders—we can go local or source from anywhere. If it can be moved, we can deliver.


We’re not talking the simple fire ring here, but we could be; stone has been containing fire for millennia. Outdoor fireplaces, fire tables and fire pits are a great way to augment the use of patios, pools, or natural settings. Make it rustic or modern, your choice—we can help with the stone.


Who hasn’t sat on a stone for a rest during a hike, just to take in some scenery or talk with a friend. A well-placed seating stone or bench invites the passerby to enjoy a cherished view, a unique water feature, or simply to rest and contemplate. Of course, the obvious thing is that the seating feature is the design element that just happens to be useful as well. In any case, we have options for all manner of seating stones, from large stone blocks to custom-carved chairs.

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