Our Natural Stone Search Tool

Explore our worldwide database of natural and reclaimed stone fabrication materials and ready-made products.

It’s the next bookmarkable tool for architects, interior and landscape designers, and contractors alike. Our new search tool makes it easy to explore reclaimed and natural stone options for your upcoming projects to find the best fit.

Our directory is expansive (and constantly growing!), and it’s sure to make your work-life easier. Plus, once you find the stones you’re looking for, try our design patterns and CAD resources to easily add them to your designs. Your clients will love seeing your plans come to life!

Search for Natural Stone in 3 Easy Ways

Our new stone search tool makes finding the perfect stone for your project a breeze. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’d prefer a more guided approach, our tool makes it easy to find the best natural stone for your project.

Text Search

Just like Google—type whatever you’re looking for, click “enter” or “return” on your keyboard and our tool will do the rest! 

Text search is right for you if you want to search by phrases like:

    • I’m looking for gray bluestone for my patio
    • Stone pavers for driveway
    • Beige granites
    • Pool deck materials
    • Oversized pavers
    • The list goes on!

If you know the material or product name or number, you can search by that using the text search as well. 

Bluestone patio
Flamed blue/gray bluestone

Color Search

It’s often all about color—find the perfect fit for your design, filtering by color first. With this search option, simply select a color theme, the dominant color you’re looking for,  and you’ll see results immediately filter in to show all our stones that fit your selection. Keep in mind, you’re only able to search for one color at a time, so if you’re looking for grays and blues, you’ll need to make two separate queries.

Vermont Slate colors
Vermont Slate interior floor

Guided Search

This is our most advanced and targeted search option. The guided search allows you to filter by stone type, primary use, color theme, surface roughness, source, and origin. At any point within the guided search, you can select “Search” and see results based on the filters you’ve selected up until that point, or you can follow the guided search until the end to apply all filters.

Building Stone
Wall Veneer
Hudson Granite veneer, pillowed
Hudson Granite, raw material closeup

The Results of Your Stone Search

Once you’ve gone through any of the three stone search options, you’ll be directed to a results page. Here you’ll see our fabrication materials and ready-made products that fit the filters you’ve chosen.

Natural Stone Materials

Our fabrication material pages include:

  • Material number (you can use this to make a quick text search to easily find it again!)
  • A short description of the stone
  • The location the stone was sourced from
  • High-resolution photos
  • Dominant and secondary colors
  • Finish and surface options
  • Recommended uses (landscape, building or interior stone, and suitability)
  • Design resources (downloadable image and CAD files)

Natural Stone Products

Our ready-made product pages include:

  • Product number (find it again with a quick text search!)
  • A short description of the stone
  • High-resolution photos
  • Recommended uses (landscape, building or interior stone, and suitability)
  • Design resources (downloadable image and CAD files)
  • Examples of installations
  • Color variations

When you find a material or product you like, make a note of the number (located in the top right-hand corner of the page), and when you’re ready to learn more or move forward with a purchase, give us a shout!

We hope our stone search tool will help to make your stone selection process seamless. From plans to installation, we’re here to make your life easier. Happy hunting!