Your pool reflects your personal aesthetic—country cottage, high country ranch, modern metal and stone, 19th century Victorian, post modern eclectic—and anything else you can think of, it’s yours. The right stone takes your design to the next level. The colors, surfaces, and fabrication choices add depth to your design and enhance the user experience, and that’s what it’s really about. You want to love using your pool whether it’s on a hot summer day or under the brilliant starlight of a winter sky. Stone will greet you on the way in and the way out.  

Choosing the Right Stone for a Pool Deck
Bluestone Curated
Everything You Need to Know About Reclaimed Stone


These are the stone selections we really like for pool decks and patios, the perennial favorites and for good reason. Granites are perhaps the most versatile at being freeze thaw resistant and fabrication choices are unlimited. Limestones are another great choice especially for their beautiful colors and mineral inclusions. And then there is the number one favorite for its ease of installation and non-skid surface regardless of finish, bluestone; which is not all blue, of course. The choices don’t end here, check out our pool stone collection below for more ideas and different types of stone and finishes.


Pool coping usually falls into two categories (but feel free to invent your own). It can be a matched seamless connection to a pool deck or a contrasting element to a deck created by the same type of stone OR it can be the boundary between the pool and a natural setting. We love both, and applaud the architects and designers that create these pool environments. You’ll find examples of each in our pool coping collection.