Stone is the first choice for driveway pavers for many reasons. Durability comes to mind but there’s much more. Rich colors, interesting shapes, and a wide variety of surface finishes all add to the unique character of driveway paving stone. Create interesting patterns by using different types of stone or unify elements of an environment with stone that blends with other elements of your landscape’s design. Our driveway collection will give you a few ideas but if you can dream it, we can make it.

3 Generations of Reclaimed New England Granite Curbstone

The Versatility of Reclaimed Stone Plank Pavers

Cobblestone: Timeless – Durable – Versatile


We love the timeless look of cobblestone, both new and reclaimed. If you’re thinking granite cobblestones, don’t stop there. We have sandstone, bluestone, and porphyry to name a few. If you’re set on granite, they come in different colors as well as weathered and worn reclaimed versions. New cobblestones (those recently manufactured and not previously used) are available in any durable quarried stone and the new cobbles can sport any surface you can think of. Creative installations mix cobblestones of different colors and materials. Create your own cobblestone driveway.

Reclaimed Domestic

Reclaimed European

Newly Fabricated


Plank pavers are really trending these days and for good reason; they create dramatic installations that highlight both the geometry of the planks and the natural variations found in larger stones. We have reclaimed plank pavers that show centuries of wear with softer edges and new planks that can yield a wide range of colors and surfaces with tight joints. Your design rules, we’ll take care of the stone.


We’re always amazed at the expertise displayed by irregular stone paver installations. Perfect for country settings in almost any color imaginable. Every one of these installations is truly unique. This stone is typically harvested, and its shape is what comes directly out of the ground, although irregular quarried stone, usually in the form of quarry tailings, is also not uncommon. Let your creativity take the lead. 


We love the look of classic reclaimed paving bricks. Not only do they add color to the landscape, the weathered and worn character add distinction. Bring the look of Boston’s Beacon Hill or the feeling of the streets of the Midwest to your project. Our reclaimed bricks pair especially well with our reclaimed granite products for interesting accent designs. Let your imagination run free!

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