The beauty and durability of stone can be applied to many structures using natural stone veneers. Veneers add colors, textures, and designs to walls, columns, foundations, chimneys, fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and more. Stone veneers are available in full bed thickness or as thin veneer. Virtually any stone can be made into a veneer, even our reclaimed stone products with their rich patinas.  

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Full bed veneer is usually around 3-5 inches thick and generally is used for larger structures. Deeper joints and larger stone sizes add visual mass and create more strength. A good full bed veneer installation creates a solid stone structure. Where design calls for smaller stones, lighter overall weight, or more intricate design patterns, thin veneer (approx. 3/4-1.5 inches thick) is the perfect choice. The variety of colors, textures and designs are endless, adding interest to any project.

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